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Certificates in Education

Currently I have certificates of completion in the following


Miofacial Release -Learn the basics of how to apply MFR to improve tissue mobility, circulation, and posture, and decrease painful restrictions using this gentle manual therapy technology to achieve improved functional outcomes across the lifespan.

Sciatic/Back pain - This course, focusing on the hip and sacroiliac area, encompasses a variety of soft tissue techniques and self-help therapies used in treating debilitating pain of the lower extremities due to sciatica.

Rotator Cuff Release -This seminar offers the tools to give your clients complete freedom from shoulder pain. Learn about rotator cuff injuries, how to release the affected muscles, and prevention of future injuries.

Medical Massage Therapy


Stretching- This seminar focuses on the table stretches that are an integral part of rehabilitative and Swedish massage. Skilled stretching techniques re-educate muscles and restore healthy resting lengths, as well as add variety to a bodywork session.

Releasing the Iliopsas - Discover how to unearth the root of back pain and identify proper methods for releasing the iliopsoas—a vital core muscle of the body—to return power, ease, and fluidity to your patients.

NYS now requires all massage therapists to continue their education in order to provide exceptional professionalism, and quality work to you the client.

Reiki I & II Certification: 

Anatomy Trains Structure and Function Structural Integration

Jin Shin Jyutsu - 3, 5 Day classes


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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